Connected Interactive’s 2016 Back-to-School Guide

What do we know about this year’s BTS season?

  • The back-to-school season is growing in importance to Canadian consumers- according to a report by Initiative, 18% of parents plan to spend more on back-to-school shopping than they did in 2015.
  • The BTS spend in Canada is also forecasted to grow exponentially- Canadians are projected to spend $512 million this year, second only to the upcoming holiday season[1]


Who makes up the back-to-school audience?

  • According to Initiative- Parents are the main target audience for BTS products
  • Parents are projected to spend an average of $480 on BTS shopping, while students are projected to spend less than half of that number at $208[2]


Which devices will be used to research BTS products?

  • Laptops (24%) and Smartphones (20%) lead the devices that will be used for BTS research, following close behind are Desktop devices (15%) and Tablets (13%)[3]


How do social & mobile games resonate with parents?

  • Mothers love gaming- the main demographic for social games is women in their late 30s/early 40s, working full-time with kids at home[4]
  • 42% of moms have reported to game daily on their mobile device[5]
  • These parents have income to spend- gamers have reported to have an individual income of $50K USD[6]


Why does gaming resonate so much with consumers?

  • Advertising in gaming is elective: “non-intrusive, user-initiated ads have been shown to resonate strongly and create a more positive image with consumers. Brands that interrupt a consumers’ experience will be overlooked and can even cause a negative sentiment”[7]
  • Traditional, intrusive forms of advertising are proving to annoy the modern consumer- 37% of US internet users now use ad-blockers to avoid non-elective forms of advertising[8]


How can Connected Interactive help you reach Moms via gaming?

  • Connected Interactive specializes in customizable engagements that run over our large network of mobile and social games
  • During an in-game engagement, users opt to interact with a brand in exchange for credits for the larger social/mobile game that they are playing
  • In-game engagements are 100% customizable, and can incorporate video, display and rich media assets
  • For more information, contact to discuss how our in-game solutions can help you achieve your back-to-school goals today!


An in-game engagement that Connected Interactive ran for Walmart during the 2015 back-to-school season, view the working version here.


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