About Us

Innovative minds crafting digital advertising solutions through a blend of creativity and strategy.

Corporate Culture

At Connected Interactive Inc, our culture is our compass. With a steadfast commitment to people—clients, partners, employees, and community—we place everyone at the forefront. Our unique approach ensures everyone’s voice is valued and heard, fostering an environment where service excellence is not just promised but lived.

Mission: Seamless Digital Solutions

Dedicated for over 10 years to serving clients across Canada, the US and Latin America, we envision becoming the foremost audience buying solution. Our mission is straightforward: deliver results-driven solutions for agencies and brands of all sizes, ensuring a user-friendly experience that simplifies the digital landscape through technology and service.

Values & Vision: Driving Our Future

Innovation: Our relentless pursuit of innovation is our north star, guiding us to push limits and explore uncharted territories.

Curiosity: We are a collective of curious minds, engaging in robust exploration and thoughtful experimentation to unlock new possibilities and solutions.

Openness: Embracing a ‘Yes’ culture, we encourage novel ideas, fostering an environment where opportunities are ceaselessly explored.

Teamwork: While celebrating individual triumphs, we cherish and reward the spirit of collaboration.

Ownership: With shared ownership, every employee is a stakeholder, reaping the rewards of collective success.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Empowerment is our ethos. Our team enjoys the freedom to act entrepreneurial, focusing on outcomes over hours, working from anywhere.

Principles: Guiding Client Engagements

Honesty Over Sales: Honesty is our default. We never promise what we can’t deliver.

Value-Centric: Competing on value, not price, we provide unparalleled solutions to unique client challenges

Problem Solvers: More than just providers, we are your partners in problem-solving.

Simplicity & Clarity: Designed with clients in mind, our offerings are straightforward and easy to navigate.

Reputation: Our reputation is non-negotiable. Short-term gains will never compromise our standing in the industry.

Embracing Tomorrow

The dawn of AI and other technologies necessitates adoption and adaptation. At Connected Interactive, new technologies are embraced, acting as the linchpin for future-proofing our business and services.

Connected, Empowered, Successful

Our shared ownership and entrepreneurial spirit are the engines driving innovation and transformation at Connected Interactive. As we connect, learn, and grow, we’re uplifting and supporting each other to to be the best we can be for our partners, clients and the whole digital advertising industry.