Moneris and Connected Interactive Partner to Bring Retail Purchase Data to Canadian Marketers

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Toronto, May 25th 2022

Moneris, the leading provider of retail payment processing in Canada, and Connected
Interactive, a leading Canadian supplier of custom audiences for the digital marketing
ecosystem, today announced a new partnership to bring highly coveted retail audience
data to the Canadian advertising industry. Through CI, with exclusive representation
from JSquare2 agency in the Quebec market, Moneris retail purchase audiences will be
accessible to Canadian marketers in a collaboration that has been anticipated and
desired by the Canadian marketing industry for quite some time.

“A deeper understanding of audiences and more informed marketing decisions all begin
with having the right data at your fingertips,” says Sanjeev Chib, Managing Director of
Spendscape, Moneris’ data solutions subsidiary. “Our partnership with CI is an exciting
step forward in applying Moneris’ data to the world of digital advertising, bringing data
within reach of marketers, and helping them see the retail landscape more clearly.”
This partnership ensures that now there is finally a tailor-made, 360 degree view of the
Canadian retail purchase landscape specifically designed for the current Canadian
digital advertising ecosystem, that covers all major credit and debit transactions as well
as newer forms of payment such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

“We consider this partnership to be a perfect fit for us as we aim to provide our clients
and partners with transparent and effective purchase data to drive growth and makes CI
the largest provider of purchase data for the digital advertising industry in Canada”,
noted Noel Geer, CI’s chief executive and founder.

“With hundreds of different categories covering purchase behavior amongst Canadian
consumers from coast to coast, this is the most comprehensive set of audiences
available for retail behavior in Canada available to digital marketers and has been
anticipated for some time”, noted founder and president Lyle Wagner.

The audiences were created as a unique 2 year collaboration between CI’s engineering,
operational team and Moneris product team and data scientists to create a customized
unique set of audiences designed specifically for the unique privacy requirements of the
Canadian market.

This ensures that marketers using this data can be assured of adherence to Canadian
privacy regulations, as well as the highest level of industry know-how and experience in
utilizing purchase data for marketing purposes thanks to Moneris’ peerless position
within the Canadian financial industry and CI’s years of deep experience successfully
working within these parameters for the benefit of Canadian marketers. Moneris
audiences will be available soon as a managed service and later will be available in CI’s platform, the leading self-serve audience buying platform for digital
advertising in Canada.

Connected Interactive is Canada’s leading independent provider of digital advertising
audience and media buying solutions through managed service or, as well
as providing mobile app marketing services and consulting covering operations and
technical development through CI Tech Labs.

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