Connected Interactive Launches a New Suite of Adver-Games

Connected Interactive Launches a New Suite of Adver-Games.

TORONTO, Canada- May 6th, 2016- Connected Interactive, a Toronto-based digital ad-solutions and ad-tech company, has launched a new suite of adver-games that provide turn-key opportunities to engage audiences.

Adver-gaming is a rising form of digital advertising that utilizes a branded gaming unit in order to promote a brand’s product or service. The purpose of the adver-game is to engage audiences in a fun and captivating way generating brand consideration post play.

Connected Interactive’s suite includes four distinct games available for brand customization:

1) ConnectNinja: A top-view strategy game where users slice their way through one set of objects while avoiding others in order to get the highest possible score
2) ConnectTap: A race against the clock to tap away branded icons randomly placed on the screen by the computer
3) ConnectFlick: A time trial game where users must ‘flick’ a collection of branded items into their allotted locations before the clock runs out
4) ConnectMatch: A branded spin on a classic memory game where users must turnover tiles to uncover matching items before the clock runs out

Connected Interactive’s adver-game engagements run across their large network of mobile and social games. During an adver-game engagement, users opt to interact with a brand’s ad-unit in exchange for in-game credits for the larger mobile/social game that they are playing.

User-initiated, non-intrusive ad units such as adver-games have shown to resonate greater with audiences, especially those in the coveted 18-34 range. Millennials are quick to see through typical ads and desire something that is more personal and engaging, especially on their mobile devices.

According to Noel Geer, Connected Interactive’s CEO, their new suite of adver-games has been extremely effective for the first clients using the platform, he states:

“Adver-game solutions provide brands with the chance to create a two-way conversation with their audience in a fun and immersive way. We’re seeing an average of 90 seconds spent per user within our adver-game campaigns. We’re giving brands the chance to talk to their audience, and have them talk back within a dynamic environment. This is what makes this solution truly unique and engaging.”

All of Connected Interactive’s adver-games are performance based- available to advertisers on a cost per engagement basis. By employing this metric, Connected Interactive can guarantee that brands will only pay once a full engagement is completed.

About the company: Founded in 2011, Connected Interactive is a global advertising solutions and ad tech company with offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, and Dubai, specializing in creative, high-end engagement and acquisition solutions.

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