Mobile Attribution

Acquire, Engage, Monetize

The success of your app depends entirely on downloads and engagement. Connected drives downloads with scale and speed, increases regular engagement by users, and helps you monetize your app.
Our proprietary mobile app tracking technology is integrated across thousands of developers, publishers, exchanges and networks like Facebook, Google, Millennial, Yahoo and many more. This enables us to optimize to the most efficient cost per download across multiple traffic sources to achieve scale and efficiency.


Acquire users through Connected Interactive’s vast publisher network, comprising over 500,000 apps covering the demographic spectrum. From games and lifestyle apps, to the mobile web, Connected has the traffic for your app marketing needs.



Need to reach Moms 25-35? Or Males 18-24? Gamers or sports lovers? Connected can reach them through our multitude of partnerships with developers and networks all over the world.



Acquire users on a CPC, CPM, CPI, or even CPA basis. With our hundreds of traffic sources across ad networks, DSPs and direct publishers within apps and across the mobile web, Connected Interactive enables marketers to buy traffic according to their KPIs and budgets.



The ConnectTrack SDK allows you to understand which traffic sources and ad types are drawing your users in. Whether Organic, Google, Facebook or various ad networks, ConnectTrack will ensure you know where your users originate.



We provide: custom events, A/B tests, segmentation, lifetime value measurement.



Once users are acquired, re-engagement is often needed to ensure on-going app marketing goals are met. With ConnectTrack’s broad suite of re-engagement features, ensure your app users are being reached effectively according to your marketing KPIs. Choose re-engagement features based on data analytics acquired through attribution and custom events.


Creative & Technical Services

Our In-house creative and development team can assist in Best-Practice consultation on ad formats & design, and can build almost any type of ad using the latest mobile technologies.

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