The incredible growth in the mobile gaming space has made it the largest entertainment venue in the world. Gaming is one of the most effective platforms on which to engage consumers, with engagement levels and brand lift performance metrics 10 times that of normal benchmarks.
In 2015, mobile games generated an amazing 85% of mobile app market revenue, representing a total spending of $34.8 billion across the globe. Over half of the population spends time in mobile gaming, with 56% of users playing games on their mobile devices. By 2020, that number is forecasted to grow to 63.7% to 213 million users.


The Gaming Advantage


Targeting – Gamers are not just young kids.

They’re women, moms, and working professionals, more than 74% being over the age of 24. The largest segment of mobile gamers is between the 25-34 age range, and the typical mobile gamer is a woman aged 25-44.

High Levels of Engagement

Gaming offers brands the highest levels of mobile engagement, with 82% of users interacting with gaming apps within 6 weeks post-install!
• 57.3% of mobile gamers complete 10 or more offers from a brand in an average month.
• 35% of users feel more engaged in mobile games than while on social media apps.

Positive User Experience

Consumers have shown to have a more positive sentiment and interact more frequently with brands that utilize rewarded, opt-in advertising. Research shows that users are twice as likely to have a negative emotional response to an interstitial than to a user-initiated ad, and 69% of consumers say that it is critical that they be offered a reward in exchange for interacting with a brand.

Performance Based Metrics

We offer CPE (cost-per-completed-engagement) CPV (cost-per-completed-view) and CPA (cost-per-acquisition) pricing metrics for our in-game advertising solutions. This means that you will only pay once a user has completed a full interaction with your brand.


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