The incredible growth in the mobile gaming space has made it the largest entertainment venue in the world. Gaming is one of the most effective platforms on which to engage consumers, with engagement levels and brand lift performance metrics 10 times that of normal benchmarks.
An amazing 32% of time spent on iOS and Android devices is in gaming, making it the largest mobile category. Three times more video is consumed in mobile gaming than on You Tube and Facebook combined.


The Gaming Advantage


Targeting – Gamers are not just young kids.

They’re women, moms, and working professionals, more than 75% of them aged 25 to 54. A surprising number of gamers are over the age of 60.

In-game acquisitions

Our vast network of gaming publishers allows Connected to provide scale for user-rewarded transactions and guarantee cost per acquisition.


Capitalizing on engagement metrics you need to see to believe, we guarantee engagement charged on a cost per engagement basis, and supported by out of the box advertising solutions created in-house.

Video CPV

We charge on a cost per completed view basis. That means you pay only when a user has completed the entire video, from short form to long form.

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