Engage, Convert, Scale

There are dozens of types of acquisitions and each requires a different set of tools. Connected offers many options, including the ones below, which we can activate to build the most effective acquisition strategy possible.


Connected’s Lead Generation Tools


Contest entries

We provide guaranteed entries to contests with ad engagement through the vast Connected network.

Email registrations

Regulation-compliant email acquisition solutions help advertisers grow their email lists and engage with receptive and responsive consumers.

Loyalty program registrations

Grow your membership for loyalty programs and increase engagement to drive more value from your member base.

Credit card applications

Using solutions that focus on conversion and scale, Connected can help you drive credit card applications on a guaranteed-acquisition basis.


Connected can take you to the next level by creating content strategy with engagements that keep the conversation going.

Social likes and sharing

Connected develops applications to drive and track your social engagement with less effort on your part.

Trial offers

Consumer test-driving of products drives them to purchase and helps build long-term brand loyalty.


Connected provides valuable customer feedback in a way that allows you to implement the data in real time.

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