Amplify your campaign with advertising solutions that engage your audience and inspire further interaction. Every ad unit we create, whether it’s display, video or interactive, contains a compelling call to action designed to support your strategic objectives.


Engage, Convert, Scale
We measure acquisition by consumer engagement, performance on conversion, scalability, and the ability to affect the speed of the campaign. At Connected we can give you the tools and solutions to achieve guaranteed acquisitions, on a cost per acquisition (CPA) basis if needed.

Lead Generation

  • Contest Entries
  • Email Registration
  • Social Likes & Sharing
  • Trial Offers
  • Loyalty Program Registration
  • Credit Card Applications
  • Newsletter
  • Surveys


Acquire, Engage, Monetize
Connected Interactive has become an industry leader in driving installs for mobile app developers and brands. Through our mobile network we can access every IOS and Android phone in the market with scale, efficiency and speed.



Connect, Interact, Engage
Capitalize on our vast network of premium publishers and proven acquisition technologies to generate email leads, drive app downloads, and engage consumers in social actions, contest entries and surveys, with results that outperform every other method.



Our Programmatic Platform connects you to virtually every available online user across display, video, social, and mobile inventory sources, as well as to direct publisher sites. The scale is enormous with machine learning optimization that allows you to maximize efficiency in your media buy.

  • 1.76 trillion RTB ad impression opportunities per month
  • 500 billion mobile impressions per month
  • 60 billion FBX impressions per month
  • 20 billion video impressions per month
  • 1 million plus opportunities per second

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