Okay, you’ve got my attention,
now delight me!

Consumers are advertising-savvy and can spot a weak pitch in a nano second. Once you’ve connected with them, you need to keep them engaged by providing unique experiences that make them feel they’re part of the conversation – don’t talk at them, entice them to talk with you.
This is where we have the most fun; creating interactive experiences that make users feel like they created the opportunity themselves. Check out some of the ideas we’re using today to make the most compelling ad units with some of the best follow-through rates in the industry.
To view the campaign showroom please click here.

To view the campaign showroom please click here.

Creative Services

Creative solutions go hand in hand with performance strategies to achieve levels of optimization and added value. Connected develops rich media executions to increase consumer engagement, and enhances digital campaigns with interactive functionality to create layers of engagement on top of video.

Full-service creative

Our creative team can design a campaign from start to finish if you do not have creative assets on hand.


Creative consultation

We can help you maximize engagement levels by using existing assets in a more interactive way.


Technical consultation

We provide expert advise on how to drive value from your campaign.

Development support

Our services include programming support and development of unique digital solutions.


Custom ad units

We develop custom solutions to support your campaign strategy and increase performance.


Adapted content

We can create rich digital experiences using existing assets which were developed for other uses.

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