The Company

Connected Interactive is a Canadian digital media agency with offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Mexico City, and Rio de Janeiro.
We are a performance/acquisition-based media company with device-agnostic advertising solutions that outperform:
Our in-house creative and development teams provide a complete menu of digital advertising services to clients and publishers to run any type of online or mobile campaign, drive app installs, or monetize inventory.
Our fee structure is based on cost per acquisition, cost per completed view, and cost per app install. Contact us today to find out we can make your digital advertising campaigns outperform.
  • Our network currently averages thousands of app installs a day
  • Remarkable performance at lower costs
  • Above average engagement rates

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Our developers, analysts and campaigns specialists work as a team to create unique digital solutions that drive results.

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Contact us today to find out how we can make your digital advertising campaigns outperform.