Connected Interactive Presents: The Automotive Data Solution

Looking for Auto Intenders? Look no Further! Are you looking for an effective data solution to target automotive retail and/or OEM consumers? Connected Interactive has developed a robust data suite designed to reach auto-intenders at every point of the sales cycle! Our exclusive data partnerships allow advertises to target consumers displaying active interest over a broad range…


The Mastercard Back-to-School Solution: SOCIAL UPDATE

  An A+ Back-to-School Strategy! Mastercard Transactional Data + Social Media Marketing This just in: Connected Interactive can now reach 2016’s top BTS consumers via Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat! Our Mastercard Back-to-School solution identifies last year’s top BTS shoppers of office supplies, electronics, children’s apparel and department stores. Contact to learn more today! Learn more about…


Connected Interactive Presents: The Mastercard Back-to-School Solution

The 2017 Back-to-School Season is almost here! August and September represent a crucial spending period for back-to-school shoppers, with last year’s BTS spend projected to reach an astonishing $75.8 billion! Research shows that clothing, electronics, school supplies and shoes were expected to lead the spending frenzy, with an average family spending up to $461 on…


Connected Interactive Presents: Mastercard Consumer Profiles


Connected Interactive’s Mastercard Consumer Profiles aggregate Mastercard spending data from Top Tier Spenders and Frequent Transactors in specific merchant segments. By assembling these merchant segments into profiles, Connected Interactive aims to help advertisers reach their exact target audiences via programmatic campaigns.

Click here to learn more about Mastercard Advertising Insights.

Connected Interactive Launches a New Suite of Adver-Games

Connected Interactive Launches a New Suite of Adver-Games. TORONTO, Canada- May 6th, 2016- Connected Interactive, a Toronto-based digital ad-solutions and ad-tech company, has launched a new suite of adver-games that provide turn-key opportunities to engage audiences. Adver-gaming is a rising form of digital advertising that utilizes a branded gaming unit in order to promote a…